Why Your Business Website Could Benefit From Using Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress is certainly a great site if you are considering developing a website for your business, but if there is a problem with the free version, it is that the number and type of themes are somewhat limiting.

Fortunately, there is an easy and relatively cheap way to resolve this issue and that is by purchasing a high quality Premium WordPress Theme.

Of course, many people would ask what is the point of paying for a theme, when there are adequate free themes available?

The answer to that lies in the fact that Premium themes offer the use and their site a number of advantages over the free themes, which we will outline below as well as showing you some of the most reputable sites which offer premium themes for WordPress at excellent prices.

To begin with, lets investigate the idea of paying for a premium theme, compared to a ‘cheaper’ free theme.

The first thing to note here is while the free theme may be cheaper initially, over time, it can become costly to keep this theme working optimally on your computer.

WordPress is an evolving piece of software with regular updates and as the software is updated, this can affect how free themes look in the software and their effectiveness.  So this may mean if you pick the wrong theme, you can be forced to spend a lot of time in the future tinkering with the theme or replacing it altogether, to make it look right.

With a paid premium WordPress theme, this is not required as these themes are updated automatically if there is an issue with any WordPress update, this means that if an update causes a problem with your premium theme, you can be assured there will be a fix for it ready to download and install, usually within seconds.

With free themes, there is no guarantee of upgrades or fixes to resolve any problems and as such, having to tweak your site every few months quickly becomes expensive in both time and money for the site owner.

There is a maxim that says that you ‘get what you pay for’ and indeed, when it comes to WordPress theme’s that is certainly the case.

Indeed, there is strong evidence that spending just a few dollars on a premium WP theme could be a smart business decision for a number of reasons.

  • Premium Themes boost your site credibility – There is clear evidence that having a fresh, premium theme, rather than a generic free theme, improves the quality and credibility of your site in the view of users. This means you gain increased traffic and conversions from that traffic, compared to a free site theme which a great many other sites may already use.
  • Premium Themes are more secure and safer for users – Some unscrupulous people will provide a WordPress theme with links to other sites embedded in the code which you cannot change. At times, these links can be malicious and compromise users security. Premium themes are far more editable and contain no such links.
  • Premium Themes receive support and update – We’ve already mentioned that free themes can quickly become outdated and unworkable due to regular WordPress upgrades. Premium themes don’t suffer with this as they are regularly updated and receive a lifetime of support from the developer.
  • Premium Themes are far less common – There are millions of WordPress sites now online and as such, even the less popular free themes are being used by many thousands of other sites. Premium Themes are far less common, and you can make your site virtually unique by customising key options within the theme.  Remember, you want your business and website to stand out from the crowd and having a unique site that nobody else can copy, is a great way to achieve this. It is also a much cheaper and quicker option than hiring a website developer to take your site and customise it for you.

So are there any negatives when considering using a Premium WordPress Theme?

The main issue is that you cannot trial your premium theme on your site before you buy and of course, once you buy a theme then really, you are committed to using it unless you want to buy another.

However, this is not as big a problem as it sounds as the very best premium WordPress theme providers will provide you with a link to a “live demo” of any of the premium themes in action, so you can actually see how a site with your chosen theme will look and function.

How much will these premium themes cost you? Well, you can find top quality premium themes for as little as $30, which as business expenses go, is a trifling small amount for even a small business.

It is also remembering that if you want to set up additional websites in the future, you can use any purchased premium theme for any future website project at no extra charge.

Three of the best Premium WordPress Theme Providers

  • Elegant Themes

If you are looking for a plentiful choice of fantastic themes for just one all-inclusive price of less than $40 a year, then Elegant Themes are certainly one of the best options on the market.

The design of their themes is precise, clever and best of all, easy for designers to use and with a choice of 81 themes, you get a lot of different choice for just $39 a year.

Once you sign up as a member, you will receive updates and support for any chosen themes. Considering that some premium themes cost around $40 for one theme alone, this is an excellent option if you want flexibility over your design choice, or if you want to make multiple websites using a number of different premium themes.


  • StudioPress

If you need a theme that scores particularly well with search engines and which has clean code for easier use, then StudioPress is certainly one of the best names in the market. Their final themes may not offer quite the eye-catching appearance as those of Elegant Themes but they are well-developed and their popularity with search engines makes them a good choice for businesses for whom this is a key consideration.


  • ThemeForest

The average cost of a ThemeForest theme is around $45 which does make them the more expensive of the three options, but you will not find a better selection of themes available, with over 1700 currently on sale and new themes added every month.

Another positive aspect of ThemeForest is that it is not a membership-based operation, instead when you purchase a theme, it is yours forever and you do not have to renew your membership each year (as you do with Elegant Themes) in order to reuse it.

In terms of design, the ThemeForest selection is every bit as impressive as the ElegantThemes design and they have a wide selection of different themes available to suit all types of site.


When you are considering any of the above providers, ensure that the site offers you a premium WordPress theme that suits the aims and content of your site, as well as matching your budget. If you like the idea of multiple themes and are likely to use them in future years, Elegant Themes membership idea may be useful, but for a one off site, the one off payment model of ThemeForest and StudoPress may offer better value.

Lastly, remember that having a website enhanced with a Premium WordPress Theme can be more cost-effective and less time consuming, than having a free theme installed!

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